Monochromatic Theme

Where Simplicity Meets Functionality

Simple does not always equates to being dull. Designed with a monochrome colour palette, this EC in Punggol was engineered to the owners’ requirements – Spacious and Functional.

A modern abode created with a monochrome colour palette.

Furniture and fittings are kept to the minimum to give this modern day abode a spacious and stylish touch. A wall mural – depicting the magnificent skyline of NYC Manhattan, exudes a picturesque charm amidst the clean and streamlined living hall.

Spanning across on the opposite is a white feature wall, balancing out the greys and imbuing the hallway with a bright and welcoming atmosphere. Hidden behind the white panels lies a plethora of storage space with nifty display shelves running across parallel.

Black and white monochrome home interior design need not be all masculine and edgy, with the right play of colours and astute choice of furnishings, a cushy laid-back home can be achieved.

Soothing earth tones dominate the sleeping quarters. Neutral brown hues invoke feelings of warmth and comfort, nothing comes as close as these calming shades when relaxation is called upon. Simplicity reigns in the bedroom while warm lighting creates a comfortable space for rest and respite.

The master bedroom and closet area have been clearly demarcated, each in its designated zone. The bedroom becomes an oasis of calm, free of disruptions.

Brown hues are neutral and they invoke feelings of warmth and comfort.

The walk-in wardrobe, born out of the adjoining study room next to the master bathroom, ensured maximum privacy and efficiency from shower stall to wardrobe.

To maximise space, row of cabinets has been installed to block out the full-height windows to create room for the closet.

The walk-in wardrobe features tinted-glass sliding door, allowing clear view of outfit selections while keeping the dust mites out.